Monday, February 24, 2014

Cause of Spinal Stenosis what home based remedies are helpful?

My personal theory of various ailments of the body, is that many physical problem such as arthritis, and perhaps even spinal stenosis have primary causes based on lack of physical activity of specific joints.

Therefore if my theory is correct, that part of the bodies "system of aging" somehow involves the effective narrowing of passageways or canals that are not actively used, or the freezing up of joints (via osteoclast or bone making cell activation) based on their non-movement.

Or in short, if there are joints, pathways, or other parts of the body which are normally able to move, even if the motion is only slight or subtle, and these once mobile and usable joints stop being used (as adults become more sedentary) then there are normal body mechanisms which allow these once movable joints to become even less movable as in the case of arthritis and spinal stenosis.

This concept (which might seem obvious to most people) is being written to develop a point of questioning if at least in theory that such simple remedies such as range of motion exercises could be performed at home to diminish and perhaps even reverse the effects of range of motion limiting diseases such as spinal stenosis and arthritis.

Stephen C. Sanders
February 24, 2014 @ 9:40pm EST

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