Monday, April 9, 2012

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution: "Cain killed Abel. It was swift, cruel, and permanent.

After this incident, the next familial conflict we find is with Lot and Abraham. Abraham beseeches Lot not to argue with him because, "we are brothers" (Genesis 13:9). Their conflict was resolved by separation from each other. Even though Abraham risked his life to save Lot after this separation, there is no record of them ever interacting together after this separation. The conflict is resolved by their going separate ways.

In the conflict between Isaac and Ishmael, again we find that the two parties separated in order to resolve their conflict. While their parting is not necessarily permanent, it is dramatic and, according to many commentators, it was considered the 9th Divine test of faith for their father Abraham."

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Excerpt from Rabbi Joseph Abrams (former Principal YBH-new headmaster of Yeshiva Atlanta.)


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