Monday, July 2, 2012 - Educational and social networking site on Drupal 6 | - Educational and social networking site on Drupal 6 | "Drupal soon emerged as the best option. WordPress was too limited in its abilites, and Joomla! was considered not as SEO friendly. Drupal was given the highest marks by almost every writer we encountered. Ultimately we chose Drupal because it provides:

A free, open source platform
A secure and highly extensible framework
A large and friendly community for support and guidance
Existing modules for almost every feature we wanted
Starting from Scratch
When we began this project, none of the team had any experience with Drupal (and the developer had only just learned php), so we relied heavily on the extremely helpful Drupal community. The forums were an invaluable resource throughout development, without which this project would not have been possible. Because its a volunteer community we made sure to give back help whenever we could. The Post-installation forum is a great place a beginner can help out other beginners, and there is no greater way to learn than to try and teach."

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